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Xbox 360 no picture but sound?


So I was on my 360 earlier and I noticed it went all fuzzy for a few minutes and then went to a black screen. I can still hear all the sounds you normally get when you log in but the picture is black. Does anybody know a way to fix this?

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  1. yeah one of the red white and yellow cables has come out a little or is dirty on the end. try taking them all out, cleaning them, and putting them back in again. if that doesnt work, try the system on a different tv. it might be that the inside of the plug is dirty on your tv. try the key board cleaner cans of air to clean it if the first thing doesnt work.

  2. the audio/video cord might be loose (the one that has the red, white, and yellow plugs). try unplugging it and plugging it in again.

  3. is it the tv? try hooking it up to a friends tv and trying it. if it is not the tv do you still have the warrenty? if you do then take it in and get a new xbox. if you don’t have the warrenty try phoning future shop and ask for help.

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