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xbox 360 opinons?


opinionate your opinions on the xbox elite system here now!!

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  1. xbox 360 elite is the S* and playing halo3 is one of the best games ever if you dont have it you should get for sure.

    xboxlive gamer tag bouncer305 look me you for some halo3 action.

  2. i think that the xbox 360 elite is a console worth buying for it is only $100 more than the pro and it has an HDMI port with an HDMI cable, it has a massive 120gb hard drive and microsoft installed the new heatsink in the console keeping it from overheating. it also has a stronger yet quieter fan than the previous models and it has all the accessories that is needed like the component/composite cables in case you don’t have an HDTV, and it has an HDMI cable in case you do have an HDTV. so, if you dont have an xbox 360 and your thinking of buying one, get the elite.

  3. Elite is name that for a reason. IT F*CKIN ROCKS!!

    It’s the classic Xbox black, it comes with EVERYTHING connectivity wise: HDMI, Optimal audio, Ethernet, etc. Wireless controllers also classic black, LIVE headset, and of course

    120 GIGA-F*CKIN-BYTES o’ memory

    6x the others

    it’s the perfect 360

  4. I own every game system thats out and popular right now.

    I use the xbox 360 about 85% more than the others.

    It has the biggest quantity of games I like.

    This is just my own personal experience.

  5. I really dont care for xbox 360 elite because i dont really care the 120 Gig Hardrive but ill proly but one sepratly incase i need more space.altought it looks really cool in black id rather get the Halo 3 Edition

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