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Xbox 360 or 360 Elite?


Okay, the main question.

Which is better: Regular 360 or Elite 360?

BF’s friend has regular and he says he hasn’t even touched his memory. However, he just had a baby when he bought it. So, not a very reliable source. Has anyone played both? I’m aiming to play live with my projection screen. What, if any, are the other differences? Is Elite even worth it (has anyone has malfunction problems? (Similar to red lights with Reg).

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  1. depends realy if u like to have loads of games and videos and that then u shuld probably get elite but when you get it get insurance or make sure that you get like a warranty and keep it in an airy place orr if you just wanna play games on it then get normal its cheaper and has less memory on it but i suggest you buy the premium not the core cause you harly get anything wid the core like the harddrive and you need that or a memory card for it and if u want to play things like halo 3 campaign online then you defo need hard drive

  2. Elite is useless unless you do nothing but download every little bit of content.

    Save the ~$100 and get the Premium.

  3. For the 360 games he’ll need memory to download extra maps and stuff for his games so get him the elite. THey all get Red Ring of death but Microsoft has extended the warranty for the red ring of death only to 3 years. WHat you need to investigate is the dvd drive in all the 360s scratching his discs. Microsoft will only replace games that their company produced and they charge a $20 dollar fee. There is no extended warranty for disc scratching so the second you notice it is scratching the disk return it and get a new one.

    [url is not allowed].

    We had the Elite for only a couple of months when we got the red ring of death while playing halo 3. So yes the Elites get it as well.

  4. Microsoft has spend about 1 billion dollars (USD) fixing the xboxes it has sold in the past and the elite is supposed to be fixed but i would not trust em ( do you want to work for Microsoft for free in fixing all there mistakes?)

    if you buy any xbox you should consider a external cooler that plugs on to the back and perhaps you will not have any problems with it

    best bet would be either an PlayStation 3 or a Wii as there has been not many problems with either of those ( most companies do not rush things out before they have most of the bugs worked unlike Microsoft and there hardware and software but everyone lets them get away with it and helps them fix it for free)

    so anything that Microsoft put out please wait till the second or third generation of it before you buy

    hope this helps

    good luck and take care

    Dragon 00769

    BTW the elite is about the third generation and i have not heard any real bad problems with it but to play hd movies you will have spend another 100 to 200 bucks and with the PlayStation3 you will be able to play blu ray movies on it for a lot less

  5. The xbox 360 elite has 120 gigabite memory xbox360 pro has only 20 gigabite

    the elite cords come in all black

    pro comes in all white

    what the look like on tv is the exact same

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