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Xbox 360 PLEASE HELP!?


So I have a 360 and the power supply over heats then turns Xbox off so I went to Xbox requested a repair I have a warranty till 31 of Jan and I set everthing up and at the end it said not to ship accessories. Do I have to buy a new supply or can they fix it? Do I just ship the power supply please answer before the 31. Whoever is deciding to get a 360 or ps3 get a ps3 or wait till the ps4 comes out f#$% Microsoft

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  1. No ps3s suck, and if you have red rings there’s a very long warranty on Microsoft.com and if there fixing the problem, they’re going to give you a what you need.

  2. Obvious answer here but sometimes my Xbox does that to me, but then I realize that the fan is covered.

    Maybe it doesn’t need to be fixed, just well ventilated.

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