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xbox 360 problem plz help thx.?



I got an xbox360 around a year ago, and i was playing a game. the color was distorted (greenish) so i resetted. i got what many ppl call: the white dots of death (*gasp!*) its like when tiny random dots flow in neat order horizontallly. i know its because of overheating. what I want to know, is that if the towel trick can help with this problem as well as the 3 rrod. thx vm 10 pts to whoever solves dis problem!!

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  1. well the towel trick resets the chip by overheating it, resetting your xbox 360 but only temporarily. I would think that it would temporarily fix your problem, although your xbox may have already overheated. You may as well try, i did, but you really need to send your xbox off for repairs.

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