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xbox 360 question?


what is the minimum needed for xbox live? my son is wanting xbox live for xmas, but i need to know what all is needed to make this actually work. He has the basic xbox360 console. he is also under the impression that having his memory card will allow him to play “live” i don’t think that is true but i really haven’t looked into it. Is it as easy as connecting the 360 console to our home computer to allow data transfer that way?

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  2. Even if you are connected to the internet you first must buy the Xbox live, which can be purchased as cards that can range from 3 months for $19.99 to 12 months for $49.99 (best deal).

    Secondly, you do need a memory card to play xbox live. This is so the system information can be saved to the memory card so that it remembers your son’s gamertag (identification) when he plays online. To play online, you need a wireless router and an ethernet cable. Most importantly, the wireless router, because the ethernet cable plugs into the back of the router, not the computer. If you do not have an ethernet cable that is long enough to run from the computer room to where the xbox is located, then you may need to get an Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter which is $99.99, and because of the price, I only recommend this for hardcore gamers online, so if your son is young, then I do not recommend getting this. So in short you need:

    Xbox love membership card

    An Xbox 360 memory card

    Ethernet Cable/Wireless Networking Adapter

    Wireless Intenet Router

    Also, since this is for your son, be aware that there are people (especially in shooting games) that use a lot of cursing/profanity. However, once you connect to Xbox Live, it will offer you an update that will allow you to set parental controls for your son which include- limiting his downloads from the Xbox Live Marketplace, who he talks to/is friends with, and the actual content he can play (like a program blocker for a TV.)

    Good Luck.

  3. xbox live 1month card about 8 bucks

    ethernet cable to connect to computer

    and a game that can connect to xbox live

    PS ur memory card has nothing to do with xbox live

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