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Xbox 360 Question about memory?


I’m looking to get the new Xbox 360 slim and I’m not sure which size memory to get, the 4GB or the 250GB. I play COD, Madden, NCAA Football and maybe one other game like NHL. Is the 4GB memory enough or do I need to go bigger?

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  1. either one is fine bc u can always go back and delete the saves from the games u will never play again (u still retain ur gamer score even if u delete saves). i have had the 13gb original 360 since it came out and i still have 11gb (my gamer score is a lil over 30000 if that gives u and idea of how many games i have played. fyi i have not had to delete saves either).my husband has the same amount of memory left on his 360 and he plays more than me. i was told by the local gamestop that the 4gb was not able to play online bc it needed a memory card but i heard a few days ago that they game out w/ a download to patch that. u might want to make sure b4 u buy it though.

  2. Get 4gb if you are just a normal player

    get 250gb if you are download happy or like installing games

    USB sticks also work for xbox

    if you want to change hdd there is a flap on the top with it in there

  3. The 250GB is faster and holds significantly more games. If you`re serious about gaming, get the 250GB. If it`s just something you do a few times a month and don`t want to spend the extra money, get the 4GB.

  4. OMFG!! again?

    Please.IT IS NOT MEMORY!!

    It is storage space.

    now.that we got that out of the way.

    you want the 250gb one, it is only 30 bucks more.

  5. 4GB is plenty for about 10 games, but if you want to expand beyond that you will need a bigger Hard Drive, I have about 30 games and 12gb free on my 20gb hard drive so I would suggest that size storage space, plus you can pick up second hand hard drives pretty cheap

    If you are not interested in storing videos or music on your 360 and only want to play a few games, 4gb is fine

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