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Xbox 360 repair? cost of repair?


Ive owned my xbox 360 for quite sometime now and it went out on me with the red ring about a year ago. I haven’t had the time to take to send it in and i know the warranty is long gone over due. I would like to send it in for repair but i didn’t know if it would cost anything without warranty, and if it would, what would it cost? including shipping of the xbox?

Finally how can i send it in for repair?

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  1. cheaper to fill in online for for courier to collect one price for all approx £70

    try phoning and say the words inherent fault talk to a human and be polite and I have heard they fix some for free even over the 3 years as they produced a faulty design regard less of 3 years it is a design fault proven by amount of returns as long as you have not modified or opened it

  2. are you sure the warranty is long overdue? I bought my xbox in early 2008 and it recently got the red ring of death (2 weeks ago) and it had a 3 year warranty on it for that type of problem. I just sent it in for repair at no cost. Go the xbox.com and go to their support page. go to start a repair. you will be asked to enter your serial number on your xbox and it will tell you if you are still under warranty or not. Either way they will send you a shipping sticker and if you call them they will even send you a box for you to ship your Xbox in. I live in NW Ohio and received it the next day. It took 16 days from the day I shipped it to the day I received the repaired xbox back. I believe to have your xbox repaired out of warranty is $99 plus s/h.you can find all the information you need at http://www.xbox.com/support Good luck!

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