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Xbox 360 Repairs Question?



My Xbox 360 has the ‘Unplayable Disc’ problem.

I have rang customer support and I’ve been told that I must put it in a box other than the one provided when I bought the console.

I thought UPS usually provides the box?

Anyway, I was just wondering if they provided you with a box when you sent your Xbox 360 in, or did you use your own box?

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  1. I had to have my xbox 360 repaired a couple times and BOTH times they sent me a box to package the xbox in. I never had to use my own box. and yes, shipping was through UPS in both directions (to msft, and back to me)

  2. You have to provide your own.When MS return it then it will be in a different box.I’ve kept hold of this one in case mine has to go back again

  3. They should send you a box either fed ex or ups. Dont use the 4 my xbox number try calling 866-506-3826.

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