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Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive?


I just got Battlefield 4 only to discover it doesn’t work with my xbox. So where should i buy one? Target? Bestbuy? Gamestop? Amazon? I think Amazon is the cheapest but yet i also want it today. Plus, is 250GB enough? Should I get the Microsoft version or a generic version? Thanks!

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  1. Either of those is fine. You can get a 320 GB for under $100. Get the Microsoft brand.

    Easy to put in; just remove the small side cover on the console (no tools needed), slide in the hard drive and put the cover back on.

    Turn on the console and there it is. Easy, eh?

    Thing to remember: Generic drives are not the same as Microsoft drives. The same brand? Why would they be? Microsoft isn’t in the business of selling discounted new product if they have their branded stuff on the same shelf.

  2. I don’t think any brick and mortar stores sell generic hard drives, so you’ll have to go Amazon if you want one of those.

    The only downside to the generic drives is you can’t use it to play original Xbox games. Other than that, they are exactly the same. They even use the same brand hard drive Microsoft uses.for half the price. I only use generic drives and never had a problem with them.

    If you can wait a few days and want to save some money, I recommend a generic drive. The only reason I see to get a Microsoft one is if you play original Xbox games.

    Edit- They use the same hard drive manufacturer. It was either Seagate or Western Digital, I don’t remember. You are paying for the Microsoft name on the casing.

  3. Definitely get a Microsoft brand one and do not buy from gamesop. They are all completely full of BS. I went there to see what they had and they said the only size was a 320 gig and the price they told me was ten dollars more expensive than on the Xbox website. I ordered a 120 gig hard drive from Amazon and I have been doing fine on my storage.but if you think you will use a lot of storage I would go with the 250, the 320 is quite a bit and will probably not be close to full ever, but if you want to play it safe on having enough storage, that could work for you. Also you said you didn't want to order it because you wanted it today. I would say best buy would be a good choice but I'm not entirely sure how there prices are. But they always have good products and have never ripped me of with something bad.

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