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XBox 360 wont play copied games?


I used to be able to play copied games, then i connected the console to the internet to try xbox live, now xbox wont run any copied games, it just shows the main xbox360 logo, and wont do anything else, please help.

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  1. don’t! my friend did that and then he got the ring of death the next day after playing a copied game online.And besides,it’s illegal!

  2. And now you never will play a copied game again. Xbox Live updates your system whether you want it to or not. Your system is now full up to date and has all the best stuff to not let you play copied games on it now. So your only choice is to risk hard-modding your system.

    Also in case you didn’t know playing a copied game is pirating. pirating is illegal and thus you are breaking yahoo’s ToS by asking this so I am reporting you.

  3. You modded it wrong.

    And don’t pirate games! If you want them to keep coming out with cool games for you to play then you should support the publishers and developers!

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