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I’m thinking of buying an xbox 360 and I was wondering which version does anyone suggest to buy and which game ( other than halo 3, I know I want that)


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  1. Well, Halo 3 is a priority. 🙂 But I also suggest Call of Duty (4). These are both pretty.actiony games. If you’re looking for a family fun game along with the obviously kid-friendly Halo (lol), try Braid. It’s basically a mini jig saw and it’s pretty fun.

  2. I would recommend the Premium XBOX 360, as it should contain most of what you need. The main difference between the Premium ($260) and the Elite ($399) is that the Elite comes with a 120gb HDD instead of the Premium’s 20gb Hard Drive. Unless you plan on saving a lot of stuff to your xbox, the 20 gb should be plenty.

    A few differences between the Premium and the Arcade ($199) version are that the Arcade version comes with 256mb of memory (This can easily be surpassed by downloading any content), the Premium comes with a headset, and it comes with a wireless controller, instead of Arcade’s wired controller. Additionally, the Premium and Elite versions can play games from the original xbox, but the Arcade version can’t.

    As far as games go, HALO 3 is one of the only ones that I play, personally, but Call of Duty 4 won most addicting game 2007, so you know it’s a good, high quality game. I would also recommend Rock Band 2. If you rent or borrow the Rock Band game from somewhere/someone, you can pay 400 Microsoft points ($5) and import almost all of the songs from Rock Band into Rock Band 2, which doubles the amount of songs you can play. It is an awesome game to play with other people.

    Also, Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 will be coming out pretty soon, and Call of Duty 5 should be coming out in a while, so you’ll have those titles to look forward to.

  3. You should buy the xbox 360 premium, it has good storage space for the average gamer, it comes with a wireless pad aswell along with a few other bits n bobs. If you’re thinking of downloading tons of games and videos then take the elite.

    As for games, try Fifa 09, Gears of war 2 (when it comes out), Guitar hero world tour, Burnout Paradise, Call of Duty 4/Call of Duty 5(world at war), and GTA IV are a few ranges of good games I can recommend.

  4. Call of Duty for is extremely necessary. I have Halo 3, and i have beat all the campaigns for both games, but i havent played Halo online for a month or two. I just cant bring myslef to take the COD 4 out of my Xbox. It is soo good. I didnt like it at first cuz i sucked online. But it is INCREDIBLE

    Also, Call of Duty: World At War (The sequel to COD 4) comes out in a few weeks

  5. The Premium (Pro) is the best deal for your money. You everything you need to play on and offline. Some of my favorite 360 games are Oblivion, Bioshock, The Orange Box, The Darkness, and Gears of War.

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