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Xbox connection question?


I have my modem in the office of my house. I have a cable going from that modem to the living room which connects to the xbox. Then my brother decided to move the xbox to his room and got an extension to get the cable to his room from the modem. I got my own xbox and put it in the living room. Now i want to get connection to both xbox’s and i have a linksys router which i put in the living room. I was hoping to connect the main cable from the modem to the linksys main port, then connect my internet cable to my xbox and my brothers into his room using the 4 other ports the linksys router has. But when i try testing connection it says theres a DNS server problem. How would i go about doing this.

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  1. DNS server error means the console cannot connect to the router, probably because it still wants to connect to modem

    Switching everything off for a couple of minutes and back on usually resolves this

    Switch modem back on first and wait 1 minute, then the router, wait another minute, then the xbox

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