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Xbox craigslist question?


Hi im doing a ps3 with black ops swap for an halo 3 limited edition xbox with controller and 3 games.

my ps3 works perfectly. but my concern is that the xbox im getting migh be red ringed.

We are going to meet up for the exchange at a dunkin donuts and i would just like to confirm that it works fine. no my question is.

If i plug in the xbox to a power cord in dunkin donuts wud it show me the red rings immediately or would i have to plug it into a tv.

i was kind of hoping that if it is defective i would be able to find out just by giving it a pweor supply.

thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. If you don’t plug the A/V cables into a TV you will get an error with four blinking red lights. That error means there is a faulty A/V cable. So if you can plug it into a portable TV or something you would have a better shot at seeing if there is a problem. Good luck!

  2. Red ring will show up in seconds. Plugging it in will be adequate.

    Does the Xbox set-up come with the matching controller, hard drive, and headset? If so, I envy you.

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