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Xbox e74 error repair?


Do I use my own box and ship my xbox or do they send me a box in which I put my xbox in and ship it to them?

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  1. Check XBOX360 customer support.

    I think they send you prepaid shipping labels and you have to provide a box going to the factory. Use a blank brown/white box to cover the contents of the box while in shipment.

    If you are under the 3 year warrenty and have not voided your Microsoft seal its 100% free repair

  2. They will provide a shipping label (prepaid) but do not provide a box any more. Get a good box and some packing material. Do NOT include the hard drive, cables, or anything else. Just the console itself.

  3. I believe that they send the box to you with a shipping label or you can just use your own (you can getting packaging stuff from pretty much every postal store) and print out the shipping label yourself (which is a lot faster)

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