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Xbox Headset ( to Best Answer)?


I can talk through my headset (an older, crappier one and also a cheaper turtle beach) and others can hear me, but when my preference of voice output is play through headset, I cannot hear my friends. When I have it set to play through both, it only comes out through the speakers on my TV. Play through speakers works, but even though the voice volume is set to 10 and game volume at 2, I can barely hear them. Did I screw something up or is it a problem with my mics?

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  1. If its the xbox mic you probably need a new mic. i had the same problem a couple months ago and just ended buying a new one. xbox mics are very cheap and tend to break for no reason at all. the one i have right now is like my sixth in two years. they are not very expensive though if you buy them used at gamestop, they are about eight dollars.

  2. I had the Turtle Beaches X31’s [$150 Dollar One I think?]

    Anyway, You might need a new chat wire as that can get old fast after wear and tear, I recommend getting an alcohol pad and wiping off the metalic part of the mic that you plug into your Controller,

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