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I really want XBOX Live but I don’t know what I need to get it. I already have 360 but I don’t have WiFi. I’ve been told just to get an ethernet cable that connects from the computer to the back of the XBOX and the membership card. All I need to know is if the ethernet cable is all I need and if it would work. If not, what do I need in order to connect to XBOX live? Thanks for your help.

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  1. well all you need is a ethernet cable and a modem

    connect one end of the ethernet cable to the 360 and the other end to the modem and it should work!

  2. You will need a cat 5 cable and a broadboad internet connection. WiFi is a wireless connection so you need the wireless module. Read your manual or go the xbox.com and read how to connect.

  3. Wireless is not required unless you have your Xbox and router in different rooms. You do need an ethernet cable, which are cheap at any electronic store. Once you get that cable, you connect the Xbox to the router, that’s if you have a router.

    Once all the cables are hooked up, you power up your 360, and create a gamertag.

    Now get on LIVE, you either need a credit card or one one of those redeemable LIVE cards.

    I would say go for the redeemable card. You can find a 12-month card cheaper than doing it online from the Xbox.

    After that, you’re all set.

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