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Xbox live service alert?


I’ve been trying to log into my account and connect to Xbox live but it says service alert can anybody tell me how to fix this please?

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  1. Xbox live is officially down so dont worry because it is not you. They have not said when it will be back up but it should not be too long

  2. Dont worry man, you are NOT the only one, has been happening to me too, let me guess, it says you cant connect to the internet when you troubleshoot? Yeah same thing. When you go to the xbox website it says that theres a service alert and xbox live wont be working for a while. But dont worry it will soon work. Dont make my mistakes and restart your router like 5 times and stress. take a break, watch TV, and by the time your done it should be up and running!

  3. Yeah it’s a full service alert world wide so it’s not just u me and others. Xbox ave just see to check every half hour

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