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XBOX Live Suspension. Inappropriate content in your profile?


Apparently you can’t say the word a$$ or douche bag. referring to people not being either one cause I don’t want to be friends with such. How am I suppose to change this out of my profile if I can’t sign in?

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  1. you have to serve the length of your ban before you can sign in. when the ban is over you’ll notice that your profile, location and motto will now say “Code of Conduct”, as microsoft has removed the offensive material. so after your ban is over you can change it to whatever you want.

    i’ve been banned twice for inappropriate material, that’s why i always keep a few spare 48 hour cards around just in case.

  2. Go on to the xbox website and sign in there. You can edit your information there and about 2 days later they should lift the suspension. This happened to me when i had the motto “your all gay”

  3. Wow ignore this ignorent biased ps3 fanboy , you knnow why they go on xbox questions , because ps3 is the least bought system xbox and wii sell more and more people own them. He is butthurt because xbox has more games then ps3 and more AAA games scoring a 9.0 or above in reviews.

    Now i dont know about this problem your having if you dont have alot of achievements then you shouldn’t mind switching over

  4. It’s a violation of the COC



    I hear “[offensive word]” on television all the time! Why can’t I use it in my profile?

    There are many reasons for this. Certain words have very different meanings in different countries. In addition, some words may seem innocent to an adult but are inappropriate for children and/or teenagers. Since Xbox LIVE is both a worldwide and all-ages environment, it is important to avoid even mild profanity in your gamertags and profile content.

    But I didn’t actually use the word! I even censored it/used l33tspeak/asterisks/non-Latin/ASCII characters.

    You should review the Code of Conduct again, specifically the portion that mentions including “comments that look, sound like, stand for, hint at, abbreviate, or insinuate {…} profane words/phrases”.

    What about my freedom of speech?

    References to “freedom of speech” or the United States’ Constitution’s First Amendment do not apply to Xbox LIVE as we are not a government agency, nor is the Xbox LIVE service a government-funded institution.


    You might get a better response if you ask here.

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