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XBOX NHL 13 question?


I want to get this game, but first I got some questions. FIRST OF ALL, I DON”T HAVE XBOX LIVE!

For be a GM mode, do you need to have live? For this game to be fun do you mostly need to have live? IS most of the fun stuff on live? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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  1. NHL 13 sucks. Stick with NHL 12 and hope that 14 is better when it comes out. Every year I have thought that the new NHL was an improvement over the last even if only a slight improvement, but they screwed up with 13.

  2. I’ve noticed that nhl 13 is way easier when it comes to goaltending, I’ve also noticed this question is 2 years old LOL but yeah, I enjoyed nhl 12 more but 13 Is funner when being a goalie 🙂

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