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XBox question – achievements?


Can I reset the achievements on an xbox profile?

I don’t want to make a new profile, because I’ve bought and downloaded expansions for the game on that profile, and if I make a new account I would have to buy those expansions all over again.

I thought it would be fun to try and re-win all of the achievements again now that I’m awesome at the game 😛

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  1. It is true you can’t reset your achievements on xbox. However you can make another profile on your xbox without setting it up with a silver account. Just for use as a offline profile then you start from scratch. As long as you purchased the extra content on that particular xbox you should be able to use it on any profile created on that xbox. I’ve bought lots of extras for games and have a couple of offline accounts, which still can utilize the extra content purchased from my gold membership profile.

    If you didn’t buy the extras from that particular xbox then just reload the downloaded content and hit up the license transfer page on xbox home page on your computer. Then it should work.

  2. No. Once you’ve earned an achievement, you can’t get rid of it. They can only be removed by the Xbox Live enforcement team if you’ve modded your gamertag to boost them.

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