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Any drawbacks with the PS3?



  1. The only drawback is that there is a limited selection of games for the ps3 right now, though this drawback will be gone by December when all the good games are in, like Uncharted, Haze, and Unreal Tournament III, and by the beginning of 2008 even better games such as Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, White Knight Story, Heavy Rain, and Gran Turismo 5 come out.

    Also, the PS3’s online isn’t bad at all, it’s actually pretty good. And the PS3 has only a.2% failure rate, notice the decimal it’s “.”2% (as in less than 1%) While the xbox 360 is plagued still by the red rings of death, which occurs in 30-33% of all xbox 360’s. (as announced by Microsoft.)

  2. Almost a third of XBOX 360 are malfunctioning right from the start. PS3 return rate is only around 3%.

    Let’s compare them

    PS3 has 7+1 kernels in Cell processor, Xbox 360 -only 3×2

    PS3 uses advanced tech called Blu-Ray, one disc can store up to 54 gb (in the future – up to 200 gb), Xbox 360 – regular dual DVD (9.5 gb).

    Calculations per sec – PS3 – 51-billion-dot-product-operati. per second

    Xbox 360 – 33.6-billion-dot-product-opera. per second

    PS3 has full media support – USBs, built-in card reader (except 20 gb version), ability to use printer and so on.

    Xbox 360 has USBs and only 2 memory slots.

    PS3 supports up to 7 Bluetooth Controllers

    Xbox 360 – up to 4 Controllers

    PS3 – wi-fi included (except 20 gb version)

    Xbox 360 – wi-fi will cost you around 100 $

    Graphics are stronger in PS3, due to RSX chip, that was developed by Nvidia exclusively for PS3. To estimate its power (roughly) – take 8600 nvidia graphics card, multiply it by 2 – get a result, still PS3 stronger, because 8600 Ultra runs on 400 Mhz and RSX runs on 550 Mhz.

    PS3 has a chip from AGEIA company. It does to physics of the game same thing GPU (videocard processor) does to graphics. This card is on sale for PC. The price is around 350$.

    Xbox 360 is widely known for so-called “red ring of death” problem – it gets overheated easily. My PS3 was running for more than 8 hours non-stop with no problems. Sometimes Xbox 360 becomes so overheated, that thermopaste on CPU melts, drips on motherboard and successfully shortcircuits it.

    Besides all of this, I’ve seen disassembled Xbox 360 – regular PC architecture – Billy Gates is an uninventive nerd (as usual).

    When I saw disassembled PS3 – it was a surprise – smart architecture, good cooling (don’t buy external PS3 coolers – they make everything worse – original system is good), etc.

    In 2008 we’ll get more than 300 games, including Metal Gear Solid 4 and other great exclusives. Here is the great link to the future PS3 releases. [url is not allowed]

    PS3 online world will be free, Xbox 360 – you have to pay.

    In some countries people call Xbox 360 “Coffin 360”.

    The funniest thing, that right now there are no games for PS3, that show full potential of the console.

    Sony expects PS3 to stay on the market for, at least, 7-10 years.

    I didn’t mention Wii, because it’s so weak, no point to talk about it.

  3. Ps3 is great and so is online, When online you don’t encounter a bunch of foul mouthed 11 year olds who think the f word is a term of endearment. It’s a nice break from xbox live.

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