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Can my xbox 360 play xbox games?


idk what type of xbox it is and stuff but it’s white with a silver tray (disk drive) and i got it new at Gamestop last Christmas. can it play the original xbox games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

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  1. It can play about 95% of the old xbox games some you can’t but thats just something you can’t change

    so yes your xbox can play old xbox games

  2. San Andreas is compatible with the 360. Just make sure yours has a hard drive and the backwards compatible update.

  3. Any Xbox (except the Xbox 360 Arcade without a hard drive) can play 1G Xbox games. Not all, but most.

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    check there.

  4. i’m not completely sure about all of the xbox 360s, but the newest one can. i’m sure that some of the older ones are also able to. microsoft made a list of all of the original xbox games that can be played on the 360. they won’t be adding any more to the list, however. here is the link to the list.

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