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Can you tell me a IP adress that will hack my xbox 360 live’s test connection?


I have tried for hours to get my xbox 360 to hook up to live for the first time. I have my connections right but the test said I failed the IP adress. So, I need a few codes to the IP adress subnet mask and the gateway so I can hook up to xbox live and fast. PLEASE ANSWER!!

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no magic IP address that someone can give you to make your 360 connect. To put it in nerd terms, the address assigned must be on the same subnet as your residential gateway.

    If you fail the IP test, then the 360 is unable to retrieve its IP address from a DHCP server. Make sure you have the 360 network settings set to ‘automatic’ for the IP and DNS settings.

    If you are connecting directly to a modem, reboot the 360 to get IP addresses once you connect it. If it’s a DSL modem, you may have to set your PPPoE username and password in the additional settings portion of the network settings. Try to connect without setting these first.

    If connecting to a router, set IP and DNS to automatic. Leave PPPoE and Advanced settings to not set.

    If you really want to make it a manual connection, then you can get your IP/gateway etc addresses from a computer connected to the internet.

    On a computer, hold the windows key and press r



    and hit enter. From there type

    ipconfig /all

    and hit enter. All your network settings will show. You can enter all these numbers exactly into the 360, but change the last octet of the IP address if your computer is connected at the same time.

    For example, if the computer says

    IP Address:

    in the 360, put or even 105

    That should get you connected. If confused, tell how you are connecting the 360 to the internet and I’ll guide you through.

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