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can’t connect ps3 online (80710102)?


Okay so i’m trying to connect my ps3 online using a crossover cable with my laptop. I have a sprint usb broadband modem, (because we DO NOT have high speed available where we live) and when i try connecting on the ps3 it says ip address succeeded and internet connection failed or something like that and gives that 80710102 DNS error

the things ive done so far are:

1. enabled ics on my internet connection

2. put in the static ip for the PS3 as 1 value higher than on laptop.

3. tried dns provided by my isp and alot of other dns

4. tried put in with and with out proxy provided by my isp

5. disabled all firewall on my pc

6. tried resetting cp & ps3

7. clicked advanced settings in ics and clicked the DNS box

and remember the internet source is a usb mobile broadband, and NOT hooked to a router or anything.

so please help, im not sure what else to do.

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