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does sony bans the online gaming or the whole console if it finds jailbreaked console?


So I’ve Just Bought a new ps3 console and i want to play some games in it. I already have 2 games free which came with my console.The games for Ps3 are very expensive in my country even The amazing spider man:the game which was released in the mid of 2012 is of $53.00.So I was thinking of jailbreaking it. I’ve read on many places that sony bans the user if they find the console jailbreaked. So do they ban the online gaming or shutdowns the whole console permanently? I don’t do much online gaming so if they just ban the online gaming I will have no problem with it.

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  1. They ban the whole console I believe, or they ban your profile and if you make a new one and keep trying to use the console while connected to the Internet (they can tell if it’s flashed even if you’re not playing online, just if it’s connected) they will ban the console. This pretty much turns the PS3 into a brick.

    Also pirated games don’t always work right and you can’t always find the ones you want.

  2. So what if games are expensive? Doesn’t give you the right to be thief. If you can work to buy the system, work to buy the games.

  3. they ban your MAC address I think which just means you cant connect to the PSN. But you can still play and use the internet and everything else besides playing online.

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