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Free xbox live?



  1. Stay with Xbox Live Free (formerly called Xbox Live Silver), it’s called that for a reason, namely because it’s free for life.

    If you want Xbox Live Gold for free, get it as a gift for your birthday, Christmas, or some other gift giving reason. If you get a 12 month card once a year, then you are set and are getting it completely free.

  2. Yes, basic Xbox Live membership is free, but you can’t go online with it in games, you can just buy stuff from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Sometimes Microsoft has free 2-day stuff (usually weekends) when you can test out Gold membership.

    But no, to play your multiplayer games online you have to pay.

  3. Yes actually there is.But it is a one month free trail that every xbox360 has.Here is what you need to do.Make an email address over the age of 18.Then,you need to turn on your xbox360 and make a regular profile.After that on the xbox360 dashboard click on your profile and then click on join xbox live. After that, do every thing they tell you untill they say upgrade to gold.Click on Upgrade later.After that click ok.Then they will give you a gamertag.If you don’t like the gamertag they give you,they give you one free gamertag change.They enjoy your 1 month free Xbox live deal!

  4. Ya you get it when you sign up for live. BUT, you need to buy GOLD to play multiplayer. Xbox Live is free, but Xbox Live Gold isn’t.

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