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Getting a xbox 360 saturday, fun game for 19.99 or less at gamestop?


Getting a 360 on saturday from gamestop and will only have enough cash to get a game 20 bucks or under. I love gears of war and cod4 but i doubt they are under 20. Any ideas of great games for that price?

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  1. I personally love Battlefield 2: Modern Combat -or- Clive Barker’s Jericho. Google those and see if they’re games you would be interested in.

    Also, check out the Gamestop website and look at the $19.99 & under section:

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  2. u can probably get the first gears for under 20 or u could go for simple games lyk too human um halo 3 mayb im not compltely sure but yea hop i helped btw if u get xbox live my gamertag is Sir GlockN Bawlz

  3. There are lots of games that are platinum hits, which means they are under $30, so if you buy them used at Gamestop, they will most likely be under $20.

  4. I picked up Gears of War, the first one, on ebay for about 10 bucks shipped, same for GTA IV. There are deals to be had on good games. Of course, anything that came out in the last few months won’t be as cheap.

    I tend to get the best deals on games that are in acceptable condition- no box or instructions, maybe a light scratch or two but they play well.

    I picked up a few games today for about 5 bucks each, including a newer racing game. I spent about an hour or two looking at the auctions that were ending soon. If you bid low, you lose a lot of auctions, but every now and then you will win cheap.

    Oh, and Amazon has Burnout Paradise for 18 and change. I assume you can find it other places for around that price. It’s a great game.

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