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Good action game?


I’m looking for a good action game that has good graphics and I can walk and around and explore for the original xbox, would these fall into that category?

1.The warriors


3.Scarface The World Is Yours

(No RPGS please)

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  1. Either GTA or Freedom Fighters. FF is great. I was addicted for about a month.

    If you want an RPG (which you don’t), try Fable. Fable is great for running around and a lot of action.

  2. scare face would but you could go buy gta san andreas cos that is one with good graphics and you can just wonder around

  3. i would have to say halo 3 daumn.

    im not sure if its action its a first person shooter game!!

    but its freaken awesome. oh i would also have to assassins creed. it fun cause you get to pick poket people and of course assassinate wich you wouldnt be able to do in real life.im i right unless ur a secret assassin

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