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good xbox 360 xmas present?


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my choice of games i have a xbox 360 arcade the orginal one its garbage and i have nothing with it i only have nba live 08 no hd nothing is this a good present for me

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  1. PS3 is by far the best console on the market & it is using less than half it’s power we are yet to see The true potential & no way will 360 be able to compete because of lack of power & small memory dvd’s.

    xbox360 you have to pay to play online,you need batteries for the brick controllers,you have to buy a hard drive for it also wifi & you have to buy a hd player add on to play hd dvd’s! hd dvd is dead.

    It do not work out cheap at all.

    With ps3 everything is built in already for you, free internet,web browser,

    bluetooth controllers charge by usb, plays divx movies dvd & blu-ray dvd,plays mp3.

    Games are on blu ray dvd’s which can hold 5 times the amount an xbox360 dvd can which means better graphics bigger games,web browser xbox360 do not have one! you can even install an os on the ps3 xbox360 cannot! as for a bigger games library on xbox360 yes thats true because the 360 was released 16 months before ps3 plus nearly all of them 360 games are junk! poor rushed games just like the console.

    PS3 have been releasing games every week I am spoiled for choice now it is catching up like lightning by next year PS3 will have hundreds more games than 360 plus alot more exclusives over 150 coming out next year alone.

    There will be tons of exclusives on ps3 we already have more than 360!

    360 didnt get all the gta4 game because of the small capcity dvd’s blu ray can hold upto 52gb compared to 360’s 8 gb that mean’s bigger & better game’s not short stripped game’s *cough* gta4 *cough*

    microsoft have dropped the price on 360 only because PS3 is selling more units,but it don’t work out cheap at all because you have no hard drive with it,No wifi,No free internet,No web browser,No blue tooth,No blu ray,No motion control,No 7 cells, and PS3 has everything 360 Don’t! & xbox is prone to malfunction it overheats & melt’s plastic onto the motherboard Sound’s dangerous to me it could catch fire!

    btw I typed all this from my PS3 ; )

  2. i find that its always the english that have a problem with the arcade. i mean whats wrong with it? the only dif is no external hard drive(easily purchased online or in any electroic store) no hd cable (just buy them) and no head set (also just buy one). why say its crap? if you brought it expecting the same stuff for lower price you an idiot and diserve to be unhappy with your console.

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