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Great Xbox 360 games that are NOT first-person shooters?


I just bought an Xbox 360, and I like it so far, but it seems like every single new game coming out is a first-person shooter. Are there any good games out now, or any coming out in the near future, that are NOT first person shooters?

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  1. yes, the greatest game for XBox 360, Gears of War. I dont know if BioShock is a 1st person or not but check it out i hear its awesome. Assasins Creed is cool, and first-person or not, Call of Duty 4 is supposed to be awesome. But as far as shooting games go, most of them are going to be 1st person. For a racing game i would look at forza or nfs prostreet for something more realistic but if you like street racing burnout paradise is fun and has awesome crash clips. for other action sports check out Atv vs MX Unleashed. in sports your best chance is going to be with madden 08. o and for a sweet rpg that has neverending hours of gameplay check out elder scrolls. and if u like music games i would definitely get rock band, its way better than guitar hero. there are many other very good games for Xbox 360 but these are some of the basics. but with the 360 system, most of the best games are 1st person shooters.

  2. some games for the 360 could be assassins creed if u like racing burnout paradise if u like rpg try mass effect if u like football try the ncaa 08 these are some suggestions

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