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Halo Reach or Black ops?


I can’t really decide between the 2. I can only pre order one but of course if i dont pre order one i can get the other for christmas. I love and i mean almost adore halo 3. The same way about cod4. I never played cod5 but what 5 minutes i played at a friends house its cod4 is ww2 form. MW2 is personally the worst game i have ever played. I think im gonna break it with a sledgehammer.anyway. I never even knew what halo was until i got my xbox 360 and every1 i met told me to get it and i love it. So what do you guys think because i can only pre order 1.

5 stars for the best answer explaining which game and why.

Oh yeah and p.s. if i get halo reach ill probably join a mlg team i have turtle beach x11s and gamebattles is fun.

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  1. I really think Halo: Reach is the safe way to go. If you really can’t decide between the two, just pre order the one that is farther away from Christmas, which is Halo: Reach. Just make a decision. Would you rather wait three extra months for Reach, or 1 more month for Black Ops?

  2. i personally would get blackops bacause the halo series is the same storylines over again. Ex. Humans v.s. aliens (covenant) we win some and they win some. Then the flood comes in and creates hell. Meanwhile in the cod series it has diffrent storylines. Cod 1 is in WW1. cod 2 is in a minor war outbereak from the impact of WW1. Cod 3 is in a minor war before WW2. Cod WaW takes place in The vietnam and russian wars.and besides you sais you played it for a few minutes if you played the campaign you might remember sgt. Reznov well he is back in blackops. But halo has a way better online servers and is better with multiplayer. Oh ya there is also a few MLG clans in the cod series but there isnt a MLG game type so the MLG clans play private match gamebaattles so the ups and downs are even so its up to you either game will be great. What i would do is pre-order the one that comes out first so it is a shorter time to wait to get the seconed game
    Hope i helped

  3. thats a really tough question indeed and i will try my best to answer it. both games are going to be really good but how good honestly depends on you. halo reach is going to be awesome as playing the bete i could see the final game was going to be astounding and black ops looks promising but honestly more of the same. i agree cod 4 was beast in every way and modern warfare 2 was nowhere near as good especially in multiplayer unbalanced bullshit but was still a great game overall. halo reach i think is going to be a little bit better as it is the last halo game by bungie, and there is going to be a bunch of new modes and stuff. the campaign is going to be probably longer than black ops and seems to be going to be like halo 1 which had an astounding campaign, graphics are improved nicely, multiplayer will use a cool credit system where alot of customiztion will take place, new weapons , armour abilities , jetpacks, sprinting, improved forge, bungie.net , firefight , co-op , yup i just summed up halo reach and thats the game i should get and you should too.

  4. After i watched E3 i didn’t really like the looks or ideas of Black ops, ive also played the reach beta and the multiplayer was pretty good so i’d say halo reach.

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