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HELP Is it my ps3 the problem or the hdmi cable?


My ps3 can’t read the hdmi cable. The tv says no signal, I also tried using different cables and still won’t work. Oh and I also tried doing the hard reset and still won’t work, the tv says no signal too. I also tried using the ps3 on another tv and still no signal as well.

My ps3 has been working fine until now.

I really need help. Can someone provide me an explanation or a solution? THANKS

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  1. I had a situation similar to this. Come to find out, my HDMI port was ruined by a power surge during a thunder storm.

    So it could be your HDMI port. If you have the means of doing so, your should try the composite/component port to see if it works.

  2. here are some people with similar problems and this might help you figure things out

    honestly it could be a bunch of problems, it probably is not your ps3 but you never know.

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    if it still has problems then i would try replacing the hdmi cable because that will be the cheapest option.

    you know you shouldnt buy those expensive hdmi cables right? a $5 hdmi cable is just as good as a $50 one

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