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Help with Xbox LIVE NAT settings?


When I first got Xbox LIVE about a year ago, I had trouble connecting with any of my friends online. (Specifically Halo) I can’t join their games, they can’t join mine, and we can’t talk in parties. I did some research and figured out that it was a moderate NAT setting that was limiting online capabilities. I tried to fix it at the time and failed miserably, so I just let it be. Recently I’ve been trying to connect with friends again and it’s still not working. I’ve tested the connection and it gives me suggestions like unplug the router for 30 seconds and plug it back in and wait another 30 seconds. I’ve done this so many times I’ve lost count. Another thing it says to do is to go to “www.xbox.com/nat-help”. There it says to go to “Network Settings”, “Configure Network”, “Additional Settings”, and “Restore to Factory Defaults”. After this, it says to restart your console and test your connection again. I’ve done this a few times too. (I just did it and my settings went from moderate to strict, but I just did it again and it went back to moderate, if that’s anything.) On the screen after you complete the Xbox LIVE connection test, everything under “Test Status” is connected, and everything under “LIVE Status” is up. At the bottom of the screen, it has Xbox 360 to network, network to Internet, and Internet to Xbox LIVE. Between the connection of the network and Internet, there’s a yellow exclamation mark, an “Error Status Report”. I’m trying to get my NAT setting from moderate to open. My understanding of any of this is very crippled by the fact that I have little to no knowledge of any of this crap. Please be very specific in any instructions you give me. Any help or suggestions on what to do is very appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Couple of things. The problem lies in your router/modem.

    But first, do you have more than one XBox on your internal network? The second XBox to login will always get this message I have found.

    If you are the only XBox on your network and you have access to your router/modem admin configuration, you can open up the ports on your router for XBox live.

    Follow the directions here below:

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