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How can i make my XBOX360 from UK work is the USA? New power supply/step down transformer. how many watts?!?


I have moved to the USA and brought my XBOX 360 from England, and once I hooked it up (standard UK to USA plug adapter) I got the 3 red bars on the ring of death. Very scary. I have not really over used my Xbox and have never seen the red bars before so I am assuming that this is just because of the power being different. In England we use 240V and here in America is 120V so I have looked into it somewhat and guess I need a step up transformer, but now I am not sure how many watts it needs to be. The power brick says 203 but everywhere online seems to say xbox uses about 160. The transformer is either up to 200w or 300w.

Also is it ok to plug an xbox into a UK>USA adapter and then into a transformer and then into the wall? Is it safe?

Could I avoid all this by just buying a new power supply here in the USA, so it can just go right into the wall? Would that work even the the Xbox itself is from the UK?

Please tell me what the best option is!


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  1. While you are correct for the power, it should be 120v for use in the USA, your PAL games will not display on our NTSC TVs anyway. Nor will any games you purchase here in America work on your UK Xbox, as it is region locked. You will need to purchase an NTSC console.

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