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How do I connect to xbox live?


For a couple of years I’ve ran my internet connection (to access xbl) through my netbook. On the netbook I’d shut down the firewalls and then run an ethernet cable from the netbook to the xbox. The connection was usually not too bad. Last night though I was playing xbl and experienced lag, got pissed off, and punched the * netbook, now it’s giving me some * about verifying indexes. I’m typing this question on my HP Pavilion HPE h8-1124 PC and I was curious as to if anyone could give me step by step instructions on how to get this Windows 7 computer to deliver internet to my xbox and allow me to access xbl. My router and modem are downstairs and running a cord all the way down there isn’t an option. Please let me know, step by step, how to make this work. Thanks guys.

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