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how do i get movies on my Western Device external HD to save/play on PS3?


I’m not sure if its possible, but i have an external HD for my computer that i use for storing movies I download, and i want to get those movies uploaded to the ps3 so i can play them on my big screen. The external HD is western device brand, i believe its 860gigs. I also have a flash drive, only 3 gigs, which i havne’t tried to use yet, but i’de prefer to figure out a way to get the external HD to work, or to at least read so i can upload my movies.

So when i plug it in it just doesn’t show up on any of the options in teh PS3 menu. Nothing under movies, nothing under music, nothing under video. now I heard you jsut need to set it up to be WD>PS3>movies>”movie files” but its pretty much set up that way and i dont get any reading. any idea on how i can get this to work? do PS3’s not work with externals? cause i heard they did. Do i jsut not have the right brand to be compatible? any tips on how to get this to work will be helpful. There will be ten points in it for whoever can help me crack the problem i’m having

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  1. Try going under the video menu, if you see your external hard drive press triangle and press display all, if it doesn’t show up under the video menu beside the music and television menu you’ll need to put them on your flash drive and do what I said above and it will work.

  2. First is your external hard drive formatted for Fat 32? If not do that first.

    What what kind of video file is it? If you download it its more likely in AVI file format. The PS3 can’t read this type of file. (this is a listing of they type of video files the PS3 can read: [url is not allowed]. )You’ll need to convert the file. Here’s the one I use. Its free and simple. Just drag and drop. [url is not allowed].

  3. Ok, to start, Zelphos and DaffyDilly have the right ideas.

    First, make sure it’s formatted as FAT32. If it’s not, then you’ll need to. Use Fat32Formatter:

    [url is not allowed]

    Next, once you have it formatted accordingly, copy your movie, and any other media, files to the external drive. From there, connect it to your PS3. Under the proper menu — Photo, Music, Video — highlight the drive, then tap Triangle and select Display All. Go into the proper folder to find your files. From there, just select the file you want to view.

    As for AVI files, the PS3 DOES recognize AVI files. I play AVI files on my PS3 all the time. The container itself doesn’t matter much — AVI, MP4, WMV, etc. What matters is the ENCODING of the file. Though I can say from experience, the PS3 doesn’t much care for MKV files, though it will play them if done correctly.

    So if you need to re-encode it to play on the PS3, there are several options available. The best ones, in my opinion, are SUPER or PS3 Video 9:

    SUPER: [url is not allowed] (links at bottom)

    PS3 Video 9: [url is not allowed].

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