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How to get xbox live gold for free?


Does anyone know how to get xbox live gold for free? Or anyone have a spare 2-day trial they don’t want?

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  1. I have seen gift cards that allow you a specific amount of time depending on how much is paid. Ask for those for Christmas and voila, YOU get it free.

  2. If you go to McDonalds and get some fries or something you may get a game piece to win a free month. I did the other day. Other than that, no.

  3. You can ask someone you know to buy you the prepaid cards or to give the equivalent money as gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or some other gift giving reason. You can also earn Xbox Live Gold through the Microsoft created, hosted, and controlled program Bing Rewards; it’s a built in feature of Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and basically pays you for using Bing to do internet searches, then you can get things like Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft money.

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