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I found my old Playstation Portable that I haven’t used in almost two years.?


I just plugged it in but I’m not sure if it’s charging. It won’t turn it. Will it take a while to charge before I can turn it on? Would there be a light on somewhere to tell it’s charging?
Update 2:
turn on*

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  1. I just did the same thing with an Ipad the other day. I thought it was toast when nothing lit up. I walked away and when I came back after a while it worked great. I let it charge overnight and now it’s fine. Let it charge overnight and see what happens. Also, You might look up any tricks to “wake” it. Our Nexus locks up once in a while and I have to hold the On button for about 30 seconds to wake it up.

  2. There should be an orange light if it’s charging.I think you may have to wait a while yes since it most likely has been dead for very long but if there is no light on when you plug it in then it does not work.

  3. Batteries lose charge even when not being used. It is possible that all the charge has seeped out of the battery. When a battery “dies” it doesn’t truly die, it just no longer has enough juice to keep the system running. So the system shuts off. While the batteries aren’t being used, they are still losing charge, and the ability to hold a charge. It is possible for rechargeable batteries to lose the ability to be recharged when they sit for too long. This occurs when the chemical reaction in the battery has run its course completely, and is no longer producing energy. WiTh no reaction occuring, the energy from an outlet when you plug it in has nothing to “kickstart” ot boost, so it does not charge.

    Leave it on the charger for a while, if you ever had a smartphone die, or an ipod, you know when you plug it in it can take up to 5 minutes.for the battery tell recharge enough juice to power the charging indicator light. If it doesn’t come on in the next couple hours I’d say the battery

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