Home Playstation Forum i have a ps3 and i want to get it online?

i have a ps3 and i want to get it online?


how do i do this i know i need a router because i what it to have a wireless connection but do i call comcast to hook me one up.if anyone has a idea how to do this simple and cheap please help.

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  1. well there is wired router also and i think it is more recommended because it is more stable to do this you have to use a ethernet cable and connect it to the back of the PS3 go to settings and then network settings after that just choose between easy or custom once that is done go to wired connection and you are done if you do not have a wireless router just grab the ethernet cable from your modem and hook it up in the back you dont waste any money and it is the cheapest way

  2. umm yepp just go to network settings and scan for any routers without security. select one of them and then go thru all the things. poof you have internet, enjoy!

    if there is no routers without security, go to Best Buy, buy a router, install, security is somewhat irelevent. It complicates everything as you go but if you really dont want anyone using your router block it. Good Luck.

  3. 1. obviously you’ll need high speed internet

    2. a router, which you can get at any retail electronics store (I suggest a D-link)

    3. configure your router using your PC or laptop. MAKE SURE YOU USE A WEP OR WPA FOR SECURITY.

    4. turn on your PS3 and find the network

    5. Go to town online and try and own people in games, thats it hope that helps.

  4. Why do you want a wireless connection? I prefer wired. Virtually no security issues and you’ll get a faster connection to boot.

    I have the Comcast Triple Play and just recently set up a wired network using a Linksys BEFSR41 router. I set mine up manually rather than use the install disk which I lost some time ago. It was a 15 minute job and it only took that long because I had to reset my phone/internet modem to get a new IP address.

    Usually you reset a modem by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Comcast’s phone enabled modem has a battery back up so unplugging it for a minute does nothing. Instead there’s a reset button on the back that you can push in with a tooth pick or the end of a pen. Once I did that everything worked.

    My point is you can do it yourself. Routers are very easy to set up with broadband cable and only slightly more complicated with DSL. Do a little research on the internet before you start. Check out Lab Rats at butterscotch.com. There’s at least 2 or 3 episodes there on the subject of setting up a home network that will help you.

    I guarantee that when you do get it set up yourself you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment and you will have learned a little something in the process. Pay someone to do it and you’ll learn nothing. Your choice.

  5. dude just get a router and do it yourself.comcast will rip you off man they were going to charge me $150 to install it and $5 bucks a month for the router go to bestbuy and buy one there not really hard to set up i did it myself and i’m not a computer nerd lol

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