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If i lie to miscrosoft about my messed up xbox will it still get repaired?


ok well my xbox360 messed up, it doesnt read any disc, sum1 suggested i jus call microsoft and tell em i have the rings of death so im thinkin should i do that?

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  1. No because the first thing they do is check to see if it indeed did RRoD. If not, expect to get it back in the same shape.

  2. Sounds like a good idea–except when they get it, they’ll turn it on and realize you don’t have the red rings and they’ll know you’re lying.

    Just tell them the truth–if the console failed, it doesn’t matter HOW it failed, they’ll still fix it.


  3. yup go ahead and lie

    if u still in that 1 year warranty there no reason to lie

    i dont see this has scamming i see this reveng on a rich company made fualty systems

    go ahead call say u got 3 lights say u cant see the screen so no way to say the error code the 1 2 4 controlor spot on the start button is red boom simple

    microsoft knows and many people know u cN GET 3 LIGHTS AND NEXT DAY IT WORK AGAIN so go ahead

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