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I’m getting an Xbox 360 soon. I have a question about Xbox Live.?


I have no internet outlets in my room, but one of my friends told me that I can connect a 360 to Xbox Live via my wireless laptop. Is this true?

Thanks in advance!
Bob! I’m not getting the system for price, I’m getting it for the wide arrange of online games and the number of my friends who have one.
Update 2:
I also forgot to mention that I meant using an ethernet cord from my laptop to my 360. sorry

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  1. u can buy the wireless network adapter for 99$

    then u install it in your laptop the plug it into the back of your xbox best idea for xbox live

    had it for two years

  2. dont get a xbox it cost more than ps3 if u get live.



    adapter for live=100

    live per year=50

    no blu ray disk=in the future games will suck

    FINAL PRICE= 469 plus tax plus 50$ per year.

    ps3 40gig=379

    blu built in

    internet free=perfect internet

    playstation home=way better then the xbox miis

    in playstation home u have a apartment and play games and go to the movie theater its pretty cool.

    no cooler needed= it will never heat up even if u have it on for 48 hours.

    o ya and blu ray disks hold 50gigs of space while crappy xbox disks hold 9gigs.


  3. no you cant the 360 has no wireless card installed so you will not be able to search for a connection thats why they sell a 99 dollar wireless adapter for the 360. the ps3 is already installed with wireless. so you would have to buy a ethernet cable or a wireless adapter. you can get a very long ethernet if needed. also it would be a great help if you put me as best answer so i can get some more points im new to this i just started today today thanks and good luck

  4. Yes you can. You have to use an ethernet cable (comes with the pro and elite but not arcade or just buy one), connect the 360 to the laptop and set it up. I tried once but it didn’t work for me. Just search it up on youtube.

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