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In what position the Xbox 360 takes less heat?when lying down or standing up?


if i lay it down it lies on a steal covered cable device(a sat TV set)which has a hard drive that gets hot as well.

any advices?

what would take less heat? lying down or standing up?
I have thought about something that may be a very very good solution to the overheating problem on the XBOX 360-getting a cooling flat which you use for laptops and lay the 360 down on it.is that a good one?

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  1. Laying down because standing up blocks the intercooler on the bottom so it’ll be more likely to overheat. And having it stand up causes stuff on the inside to disconnect or chip i believe.

  2. what really matters is, where your xbox is because if it’s in a dusty area than it will overheat so as long as its in a open enviorment. Also, mine is lying sideways and it hasn’t overheated in 1 year.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this too. I’ve come to the conclusion that standing up dissipates more heat. If you think about it the part of the xbox that gets hot the most is the bottom near the center. To have it laying down would allow the heat transfer to whatever it is laying on, causing it to stay hotter without any relief also making the heat spread to the whole underside as well.

    But to have it standing up would be much better. Some people will say that this way is bad because you are blocking a huge vent but it doesn’t matter. I think the big vent causes the air suction to be reduced dramatically. Having that big vent open WOULD allow more air to pass through but since the xbox 360 fans are so cheap that they don’t spin that fast they are just spinning in the casing, unable to draw in air through the big vent.

    Don’t buy the intercoolers either. They have new ones that are temperature sensitive and have a separate power cable but the one i bought gave out on me after a month and they are way more louder than they need to be

    Stand it up and it should be good

  4. never stand it up, its not worth the risk, it scratches discs, it causes the chips to lose contact with the mothebroard and other bad things, having it lying down, but find a new place for it where it isn’t sitting on top of another device. make the room for it or else you will regret it when it RROD’s on you.

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