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Is it ever going to be possible to unban a banned xbox360 system?


I modified my xbox because i make backup copied of my games cause my xbox always scratches them. I never get illegal games like other people that mod. I got banned for doing so and was wondering if it will ever be possible to unban my system. 🙁

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  1. unbanning is possible but is highly technical and pointless. My honest advice is to have 2 consoles 1 modded and 1 unmodded for online play. The banning is actually funny because all microsoft actually does is top the console from going online and purchasing content so microsoft didnt do themselves any favors by banning people. In the end it will probably cost them money. It is all about greed by a large corporation. they think for every banned console will be a sale at a retailer for a new one. I will continue playing my modded console saving thousands of dollars in games. The jokes on you microsoft!

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