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Is my xbox 360 about to fail?


Oblivion started loading incredibly slow yesterday and i didn’t know if its the game or the system, it takes 15 min to enter and exit anything. some buildings will just stop loading and ill be stuck at the loading screen, however i can still back out to the xbox menu. Also a few weeks ago i noticed my xbox couldn’t shut off without me unplugging it. At first i thought it was cooling but after 12 hours i realized this couldn’t be. Am i about to experience the red rings?

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  1. I don’t know how to help you with the problem shutting it off, but as for Oblivion:

    The reason that it is doing this is because Oblivion uses caches on the hard drive to make loading faster. This means that it pre-loads info onto the harddrive so that it has to load less when you go to a loading screen. Well if the caches break, then it takes a LOT longer for it to load because it looks for the WHOLE cache, wich takes time, THEN it has to load by itself AFTER figuring out that the caches are broken, which can take quite a while. To fix this, turn the system on, open the disc tray, and put the disc in, then close it. When it says “Reading”, start to hold the A button. Continue to hold the button until AFTER the Bethesda: A Zen Max Company logo DISSAPEARS. This should fix the problem. This erases the caches. The loads should speed up greatly, but they aren’t at full speed until it remakes the caches.

    Sometimes when you make new caches in order to speed it up though the caches it makes may break pretty fast, and your loads will slow back down. So if this happens just repeat the process until you have great caches to go on. Remember though that not playing the game for a while may cause the caches to break when you start it up, so when that happens, again, just repeat the process.

    I promise that this will not harm the game or system in any way.

    If you know anything about computers, it is just repairing the broken links by erasing the files, and replacing them as you play.

    Good luck, and I hope someone knows how to fix your other problem.

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