Home Playstation Forum Is the corvette zr1 worth buying in gran turismo 5 for ps3?

Is the corvette zr1 worth buying in gran turismo 5 for ps3?


I need fast cheaper car so i can compete with professional series. My best car right now is a supra that has 498hp right now.

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  1. The only ZR1 worth buying is the 2009 model, specifically because it can be equipped with the Race Modification Upgrade, and when you give it that package along with the remaining Tuning Upgrades, its arguably the cheapest racecar for the buck in the upper class races (you spend roughly 700,000 credits, give or take, when all possible mods are added). Its essential in getting ahead in the later stages of the game while trying to stay cheap. Granted, you’ll need some skill as well as the know-how to properly tune it for some races, but this shouldn’t be too complicated if you’ve been playing Gran Turismo for a long time (controller or wheel).

    Streetcars will only do so much for you, regardless how much HP it has. Once you get to the professional stages and above, you’re gonna need a solid racecar at some point.

    Don’t forget to pay attention to the Typical Opponents (or whatever the game calls it). This always gives you a good idea of the type of vehicle you need to be using for that particular race/event.

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