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Is the ps4’s triggers good?


i really want the ps4 but the main thing thats keeping me from buying it is the remote one of the main reasons i got the xbox 360 was the remote but everyone says the ps4 remote has improved a lot but im not sure if there just fanboys or something i think the ps4 is awesome but is the remote good especially the triggers are they good like arre the better or worse than the xbox 360’s

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  1. The whole ps4 controller is good compared to the ps3 controller , the triggers are way better in shape and feel , the buttons are easier to modulate pressure on , it`s way lighter than the ds3 and my favourite part is the left and right sticks have a flat top surface with a slight indentation for your thumb so they are really easy to quick aim and control

    You should find a gamestop or best buy and check out the ps4 on display , try the controller and see what you think.

    I don`t know if the triggers are better than the xbox because I have only played on a 360 console a half dozen times ( didn`t like the layout of the d-pad and sticks ) but the ps4 controller beats the ps3 one in every way

  2. As somebody who played the 360 way more than the PS3 primarily because of the controller, I think the PS4 controller is extremely good, probably better than the Xbox One controller. Sony really got it right this time.

    The only problem I’ve found is that the battery seems to run through its charge very quickly compared to the other controllers, it’s spending more time on the charger than my other controllers.

  3. PS4’s new Dualshock 4 controllers are fantastic. The triggers (and the entire controller as well) have been redesigned to be more ergonomic and more responsive. I hated the Dualshock 3 controllers for PS3, they were pretty awful. I would suggest checking out one of the display models at BestBuy if you’re insure, but you won’t be disappointed.

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