Home Playstation Forum is their going to be anything different about the new 80 gig...

is their going to be anything different about the new 80 gig ps3 besides the hard drive?


and i no that it comes with motorstorm

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  1. stone cold says, he is gonna slap the rock’s lips right off because he is a fanboy and a panzie. and to answer your question, the only differences are the ones you just mentioned, so stone cold recommends just buying the 60gig for $100 less and if you really like motorstorm then just get that separately. but better do it fast before they all run out.

  2. the rock says the ps3 sucks. the rock hates ps3 lovers and if i hear people talkin about the ps3 ill slap there lips right off there face. the 80 gig is just extra space for the sony loving gay porn watching fans. so the rock says if you have a ps3 thats ok because you didn’t know its true capabilities and crap games out and coming. so the rock says buy the 360 because Microsoft have completed a series of extensive tests to find the true hardware failure so if your system brakes you have a 3 year warranty and when they fix your system they guarantee it wont break again. IF YOU SMELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN

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