Home Xbox Forum is there a xbox rerpair guru out there?my tv screen go red...

is there a xbox rerpair guru out there?my tv screen go red when i play games. is my xbox infected with a virus?


my tv screen began to go slightly red this morning. is this a problem?

i understand that there is a red virus or something like that.

what a re my options?

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  1. No, your 360 doesn’t have a virus. There are no viruses for the 360!

    (there IS a red 360, but that’s just a cosmetic thing.)

    Try a different device on that input, like a DVD player. If the screen still goes red, then it’s your TV. It might just be that input, or it may be your TV screen.

    If it really is just your 360, call Microsoft’s support: 1-800-4my-xbox

    If your 360 is still under warranty they’ll fix it for free. Otherwise they may charge you some money (they’ll let you know up front.)

  2. Does it just happen when you play Xbox or does it continue when you are watching TV? If it does continue, then it might be your TV Lamp and if it doesn’t continue, then you might wanna ask Microsoft cause I never heard of a person with this issue before.

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