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midnight sales?


going to my 1st midnight sale for GTA4

they suggested to be at the store by 8pm. i think thats way too early.

do they usually do something special for 4 hours? or the people just hangout and do nothing in the store for 4 hours?

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  1. According to an article I read, Gamestop is encouraging people that pre-ordered GTA4 to come in early (at 6:00 p.m.) to pay off your pre-order and “participate in the fun”. They are going to have Trivia contests and other stuff.

    Basically they want people to come in early to get their order processed so that they can get people out of the store shortly after mid-night.

    I don’t know where you pre-ordered your copy of GTA4, but I’m guessing that other game stores are doing something similiar to what Gamestop is doing.

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